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More Difficult​
Single track with small obstacles like roots and rocks.
May include curvy sections. Basic off road riding skills required.

Most Difficult​
Uneven and tougher with expectation of difficulty,
continuous challenge and rocks. Good off road riding skills required.

Trail Ratings

Waiver and Age Policy

Punta Venado Bike Park is a "Cross Country" (All Terrain) Mountain Bike Park. Mountain Biking is a fun and exciting sport the entire family can enjoy.  It is important to note though that Mountain Biking is a significantly different sport than road cycling, triathlon cycling, urban cycling or recreational cycling.  It requires a different level of physical and mental effort to navigate the trails safely and maintain in control of the bike. For those reasons, we encourage all guests to familiarize themselves with the information below regarding our resort safety policies and information.



  1. A signed Liability Waiver is required from all Bike Park Guests.

  2. A signed Rental Waiver is required from all guests renting bikes.

  3. Children under the age of 18 years old must have their waivers completed by a parent or legal guardian (18yrs or older).

  4. Children ages 5-14 must be accompanied by an adult (parent or legal guardian 18yrs or older) at all times.

  5. Important to read the weiver completely

  6. Brake Policy: All bikes riding in Punta Venado Bike Park must have one functioning brake per wheel. This keeps dirt jump bikes, BMX, kids with coaster brakes and beach cruisers off the trails but allows regular mountain bikes and mountain unicycles to ride.

Less Difficult​
Relatively flat and wide. Trail surface may be loose, uneven or muddy at times. May include short, flowing single trak sections. Basic bike skills are required.

  1. Bicycle Helmets are mandatory for all riders.

  2. Open-face (skate-style) helmets are permitted

  3. For the best protection from minor scrapes and abrasions Punta Venado Bike Park recommends; a properly fitted bicycle helmet, gloves and eye protection.

  4. Because of the hot weather, we strongly recommend a 2 or 3 liter hydration bag, remember that in summer, temperature con easily reach 100F (38C) with a lot of humidity, and inside the jungle this can dehydrate anyone!

  5. About clothing, at Punta Venado Bike Park we don't have a specific etiquette, but all Mountain Bike Riders know that the right mountain bike clothing makes a world of difference.


Clothing & Gear

MTB Responsibility Code

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