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For safety purposes, all ages must complete a mountain bike rental waiver of liability. Riders under 18 must have a release and mountain bike rental waiver of liability signed by a parent/guardian. You can do this at the park office.

What is included in the bike rental?

The rental includes Acceso to the trails, bike and helmet.​

What type of clothing is recommended?

It is highly recommended that you use shorts (preferably cycling shorts), tennis shoes, dryfit shirt and sunglasses and drink enough water. Remember that the heat and humidity are very high in this area.

Does the rental include clips and shoes?

Our bikes have flat pedals. We do not rent clips nor shoes. For the best results you can bring your own pedals and shoes and we will install them for you on the rental bike.​




Can I specify my bike size?​

We will do our best to deliver the bike that fits you best. However it can happen that because of a high demand your bike size it not available.​


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